* 10 master-classes for participants of festival
* 7 days: listening to soloists, ensembles, orchestras
* Participation in 2 concerts of the jury members and guests of the festival-competition.
* Participation in the final gala-concert of the contest winners.
* Creative meetings with guests of the competition, brands and endorsers


Since 27 November to 4 December 2021 in Saint-Petersburg will host the international festival-competition of drummers and percussionists – “DRUM WAVE”-2021, which in different years was attended by musicians from more than 42 regions of Russia, near and far abroad (students of musical educational institutions, institutions of additional education, performers on different kinds of percussion instruments, as performers-soloists and ensembles, orchestras, master-manufacturers of percussion instruments, teachers), as well as direct producers, official artists, corporate brands, shops, distributors, drummers and percussionists of different genres and directions.

          Traditions and history of the contest

  The first festival-contest “Drum Wave” was held in 2014. Over the years of the contest, more than 5000 participants, 800 teachers and accompanists, 626 ensembles from 12 countries, 42 regions of Russia, as well as from countries of the near and far abroad took part in it.                                           

This is a professional contest for percussion instruments.

Teachers of the contestants acquire additional knowledge, visiting master classes of famous Russian and international performers and teachers.

Leading companies – manufacturers of percussion instruments that have helped the contest all the years, are ready to participate in the promotion of young talents.

During the competition, the richness of Russian culture and the uniqueness of the teaching methodology are revealed, for the national school there is the opportunity to learn all the best and advanced from foreign artists.

  Analogues for such a large-scale and professional competition for beginners on percussion instruments are not in world practice. Thanks to participation in this competition for many young musicians the door to the big and fascinating world of music and rhythms has opened.

        The participants of the contest:

The competition can be attended by drummers and percussionists from any country. There are no restrictions on the age of participants. All students of musical faculties of educational institutions in the sphere of culture and arts, students of institutions of additional education, music studios, musicians who have already finished their professional education, teachers are accepted in the educational institution , both professionals and not professionals.

         Objective of the contest is:

Propaganda of percussion instruments, promotion of solo and ensemble performance on percussion instruments; improving technical and performing skills of young musicians; the identification of promising young performers on percussion; the preservation and development of traditions of domestic school of teaching and performing on percussion instruments; familiarity with the musical culture of different countries and peoples, a creative dialogue with colleagues from different regions of Russia and other countries.

master classes by eminent performers on percussion instruments, acquaintance with the best musical, educational and methodical material brass and percussion instruments used around the world; familiarity with the Russian culture and propaganda of the Russian performing arts; military-Patriotic education of youth;

popularization of military-musical art; a qualitative increase level of performance among pupils of musical schools, colleges, music schools, military-musical schools; the sharing of experience and raising the level of qualification of teachers; education requirement in the perception of not only classical music, but also to involve children and young people to modern art and culture of different countries; promotion of the possibilities children’s music schools and schools of the country in the field of professional training in percussion and wind instruments; raising the prestige of teachers in children’s and specialized music schools, colleges, vocational schools and Universities.


1 nomination: “Percussion solo”
2 nomination: “Drum Kit” (in this category 2 subgroups: 1) boys; 2) girls *). Attention: in this category 2 sets of awards are played (one in each subgroup)
3 nomination: “Orchestral drums” (xylophone, snare)
3.1. nomination: “Snare drum solo”
3.2. nomination: “Timpani”
4 nomination: “the Vibraphone solo”
5 nomination: “Marimba solo”
6 nomination: “small and large “Classical ensembles, percussion instruments”
7 nomination: small and large “Ensembles of ethnic percussion instruments and original genre”
8 nomination: small and large “Drum Show”
8.1. nomination: “Drummers-Majorettes”
9 nomination: small and large “Marching ensembles percussion with elements of the fashion show”
10 nomination: “Brass bands, with elements of the fashion show”
11 nomination: “Competition of free programs” (drum set and percussion)
12 nomination: “Teacher-student”

Age categories

5-8 years,  9-11 years,  12-15 years,  16-19 years,  20-25 years, 26-35 years, 36 and older without restrictions…

Location (auditions, master classes, exhibition-sale)

Hotel CITYTEL Oktyabrskaya 4****. (Russia, Saint Petersburg, Nevsky pr. 118)


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